Les Jardins de Kerfouler

Garden of inspiration in the Trieux valley

Heated by the Gulf Stream, Brittany is able to call itself the garden region of France. It boasts dozens of gardens open to the general public that feature not only native but also subtropical and exotic plants. Visitors have plenty to choose from, there are: symmetrical gardens, Japanese gardens, organic gardens, historical gardens, etc…

The latest addition to the pack is Les Jardins de Kerfouler located on the outskirts of Plouëc-du-Trieux, a small village near picturesque Pontrieux on the Armor coast in northern Brittany.

Les Jardins de Kerfouler is a garden of inspiration boasting a range of garden styles, e.g.: modern, artistic, classic, natural, romantic, exuberant, modest, playful, etc… As you venture through the fourteen gardens at Kerfouler you come across special trees, forgotten vegetables, exotic plants, beautiful flowers, grasses dancing in the wind and surprises in green.

Compact and Creative

At 10,000 m2 our garden is small compared to some of France's enormous castle gardens measuring up to areas as large as 30 full-size football pitches, but its ingenious set up and variety in look and feel give it many interesting things to see and experience.

The fields located adjacent to the garden make for a spacious view.

Going round all the gardens in the space of two hours won't wear you out, but you are very welcome to take a breather after your tour, be it in the garden or on the patio.

Themed gardens

The exceptional species of plants and the radiant and abundant combinations of Lime & Blue, the romantic border patches at Helen's Court and the floral beauty in the Fire & Flame evening garden and a Natural Tipi are an inspiration to garden enthusiasts. Art lovers will enjoy the Green Gallery's exposition. And there is plenty of wild life to enjoy watching the birds take a dip in the Swallow Pond, or the salamanders roaming around the Pure Nature pools.

Holidaymakers are given a taste of North Africa at the Moroccan Patio with its exotic feel, or Thailand as they meet the Buddha in the Zen Garden where smells, colours and sounds are all-important.

A bit more 'down-to-earth' is our vegetable patch Aunt Agatha's Pride; tasty & healthy! Fruit & vegetables and herbs lined with an abundance of colour. We had more ideas, so we have three new gardens since 2022: Garden of encounters, Taste of the sun and Oasis of greenery. The Cour will lead you right back to the Salon de Thé - located in a carefully restored 200-year-old farmhouse for some hot or cold drinks and pastries.

In short, the garden caters to many tastes and all ages. There are plenty of park benches available to sit and rest for a while.


Opening hours

The gardens are open to visitors from 1 June - 31 October.
In June we're only open in the weekends (friday, saturday and sunday) from 2pm - 7pm.
In July-September we're open from 2pm - 7pm (all days of the week except Mondays and Tuesdays (closed)).
In October we're only open on sunday from 2pm - 7pm.

An information folder with some extra details has been made available to garden enthusiasts.

Visitors have the option of booking a guided tour (min. 15 persons).

Unfortunately the gardens do not accommodate wheelchair access. Wheelchair visitors are, however, very welcome to join us on our patio.

We do not allow dogs to enter the gardens, but we do have a kennel available to accommodate your canine friends.

Surprises in green

Our gardens


2024: Guillaume Fichet

2023: Audrey Kimmel, Eberhard Grames

2022: Eberhard Grames, Thomas Ryse

2019: Audrey Kimmel, Pascal Rueff

2018: Jenni Fauvette, Jane Witheridge

2017: Peter Sacherer

2016: Cécile Poisson, Linda van Kerkhof

2015: Peter Sacherer, Veronique Desmidt, Irène le Goaster

2014: Guillaume Gastel, Xenia Mercier, Henk Meeder


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